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CT Dumpster Rental ServicesBack in the 50’s, my Grandfather, Fred Machholz Sr. had a side business mowing lawns and doing spring and fall cleanups, pruning trees and shrubs and sometimes hauling debris his customers wanted taken away. My Father, Fred Jr., worked many years along side him. I can remember my brother Fred and me working with them at the age of 13 and 10.

As the years went by my Grandfather retired and no longer did manual labor and the customer base had grown so large that my Father took over and made it a full time business. Around this time I became interested in this type of work and I joined my Father as his foreman, as he slowed his pace down.

In 2000 I purchased his business and changed the name to Machholz Enterprises. After a few years I came to realize that, in my line of work, there was a huge demand for dumpsters. Every week I was hauling debris, furniture, trash, you name it, so this is when I looked into owning my own dumpsters, thus CT Dumpsters, LLC. became a reality.

My business has been very successful, because my customers tell their friends and word spreads.

I give my customers personalized service and I am always available by phone.

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