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Frequently asked questions


How do I rent a Dumpster?
Simply call (860) 306-6565 or Email to get started. You have the option of having a container delivered at a prearranged date and time of your choice. The container pick-up date can be arranged when the order is placed as well.

When do I pay?
The hauling fee will be charged at the time of transaction. A second charge occurs only if the pick-up date exceeds the time limit allowed or the weight of the material in the container exceeds the stated weight limit.

Can I mix the type of trash & debris I put in the Dumpster?
Yes, depending on the type of materials. Please refer to the next question and our Terms & Conditions for more information.

What can't I put in the Dumpster?
Hazardous materials, liquids or chemicals, batteries, tires, asbestos, concrete, dirt, masonry heavy metal, propane tanks, paint, gasoline, or any toxic waste. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for more information.

Can I put appliances in the Dumpster?
Yes. All doors must be removed from appliances and any refrigerant must be purged.

How far do I fill up the Dumpster?
Level with the top.

What happens if I overload the dumpster?
The driver may instruct you to remove a portion of the load

How do I know the weight I was charged for is accurate?
Each transaction will have a certified weight ticket assigned to it.

Can I move the Dumpster once it's delivered?
No. The dumpster must remain in the pre-determined place it was dropped off.

Can the Dumpster be relocated at the same site?
Yes. An additional charge will be added.

Do I need to be there for delivery?
No, but specific instructions for drop off location and detail must be given at the time of order.

How long can I keep the Dumpster?
Typical rental period is 7 days. There is a small additional per-day charge.


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